5 Best Dehumidifiers for 2020 in the UK

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EcoAir DC12 Dehumidifier

 EcoAir DC12 Compact Portable Dehumidifier, 12 L

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If you are on the market for a new dehumidifier, or if this is the first time you are considering purchasing one, the following will serve as a guide to find the one best suited for your needs.

An air dehumidifier not only sucks excess moisture from your rooms but actually helps improve health by promoting fresher, purer air to inhale and removing allergens. It helps people living with asthma and aids in preventing coughs. It is easier to dry clothes in the winter if you are using it in a damp basement for example and have no drier. Mould and mildew are far less likely to develop in these conditions which is a definite plus and will help to prevent structural cracking in walls.

Top 3 Right now in UK

SaleBestseller No. 1
FLASHVIN Dehumidifier 1000ml Portable Mini Electric Dehumidifier Ultra Quiet Air Cleaner for Home,...
233 Reviews
FLASHVIN Dehumidifier 1000ml Portable Mini Electric Dehumidifier Ultra Quiet Air Cleaner for Home,...
  • Remove Damp & Mold Spores - With Peltier technology(No compressor needed), this small dehumidifier water tank volume up to 1000ml, can remove to 450ml of...
  • Low energy & quiet operation - This dehumidifier produces about 39 dB when it runs, allowing you to run it all day and night without any loud or disturbing...
  • Auto shut off & LED Indicator - The indicator starts changing colors when turning on. Easy to lock the color you like or turn off the indicator. This...
  • Compact Design - One-touch switch design helps you easily operate the unit after you connect the adaptor with the socket. A detachable water tank makes you...
  • Quality Assurance - We promise to solve any issue and lifetime customer service for our Portable Mini Electric Dehumidifier.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Pro Breeze 1500ml Dehumidifier for Damp, Mould, Moisture in Home, Kitchen, Bedroom, Caravan, Office,...
2,241 Reviews
Pro Breeze 1500ml Dehumidifier for Damp, Mould, Moisture in Home, Kitchen, Bedroom, Caravan, Office,...
  • Removes moisture: perfect for removing damp, mould and moisture from your home, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, caravan, garage or basement
  • Small & compact: lightweight, compact and portable - Capable of removing up to 500ml of moisture per day with a 1500ml water tank capacity
  • Ultra-quiet & efficient: thermo-electric Peltier technology (no compressor needed) allows for whisper quiet operation making it great for use in bedrooms...
  • Auto shut off: designed with an auto shut off function, which will activate when the water tank is full and let you know when it needs draining. Simply...
  • Allergy relief: helps to improve air quality By removing mould spores and dust mites which are common triggers for allergy sufferers and those with...
Bestseller No. 3
Pro Breeze 500ml Compact and Portable Mini Air Dehumidifier for Damp, Mould, Moisture in Home,...
7,826 Reviews
Pro Breeze 500ml Compact and Portable Mini Air Dehumidifier for Damp, Mould, Moisture in Home,...
  • Removes moisture: perfect for removing damp, mould and moisture from your home, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, caravan, garage or basement
  • Small & compact: lightweight, compact and portable – Capable of removing up to 250ml of moisture per day with a 500ml Water tank capacity
  • Ultra-quiet & efficient: thermo-electric Peltier technology (no compressor needed) allows for whisper quiet operation making it great for use in bedrooms...
  • Auto shut off: designed with an auto shut off function, which will activate when the water tank is full and let you know when it needs draining. Simply...
  • Allergy relief: helps to improve air quality by removing mould spores and dust mites which are common triggers for allergy sufferers and those with...

We have chosen what we consider to be the very best dehumidifiers on the market in the Amazon U.K. in 2020 and hope this article helps you to select the ideal unit for your home and pocket.  Once you own a unit, you will wonder how you ever managed before without one.

1. EcoAir DC12 Dehumidifier

 EcoAir DC12 Compact Portable Dehumidifier, 12 L

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Complying with the recent demand for compact size, the EcoAir DC12 is surprisingly small, without sacrificing other important traits, such as energy efficiency and mighty performance. Measuring a mere 35 cm x 50 cm and with the capacity of extracting as much as 12 litres of water per day, it will surely cater for your needs for space and excellent dehumidifying results.

At a Glance

Model NumberDC12
ColoursWhite & Grey
Item Weight10.5 Kg
Dimensions22.5 x 49.6 x 35.3 cm
Capacity3.5 litres
Volume Capacity3.5 litres
Power / Wattage230 watts
No Auto Shutoff
Noise Level41 dB
Compact & portable, with a capacity of extracting as much as 12 litres of water per day
3.5-litre water tank capacity with continuous drainage option
Concealed easy glide castor wheels
Washable air filter
Easy to use Electronic Control Panel withActive Humidistat
Clean Filter Indicator
2H/4H Timer
Auto Shut Off
Auto Defrost
Rapid control of humidity & indoor laundry drying
Excellent for mould, condensation and bacteria growth control
Comes with a 2-Year manufacturer warranty


General Description

In terms of design, dehumidifiers are scarcely the type of appliances that could charm the eye, yet the EcoAir DC12 is much prettier and aesthetically upgraded compared to the other models of our list.

Its casing has a digital control panel mounted at the top, which, as you will easily discover is pretty easy to use and simple to navigate through its numerous modes of operation and features.

What has been a pleasant surprise in our first visual inspection of the thing, was its striking 3.5-litre water condensate or collection tank, which is very impressive for dehumidifier of such small dimensions.

At the back, there is the usual air inlet drawing air into the unit through an air filter, which only holds dust and air dirt, not bacteria and allergens. You can easily take it out and clean it with fresh water – in fact, this is necessary for the humidifier to run smoothly for many years to come.

Traits & Features

Water Tank

Situated at the bottom of the DC12, the water tank has a nice water level window that allows you to check its state easily and empty it only when truly needed. Removing the tank is very easy but requires both hands, since there are two grips that must be pressed on either side. A handle on top could make things even easier for us, but let us not get greedy!

There are many people out there that wish their dehumidifier to operate on a constant basis without having to empty the tank. If you are one of them, rejoice! The DC12 features a continuous drainage option, utilising a hose connected at the back, which allows the tank to get bypassed and having the water drained out directly into a sink or drain system.


While the gentle humming of a humidifier often sounds relaxing to people who love the so-called ‘white noises’, most of us prefer silence when it comes to rest or sleep, and, in many cases, it determines in which rooms it can be used and at what hours exactly.

Now, DC12 has a dual persona when it comes to sound since it is equipped with a two-speed fan. At low-level operation, the noise is barely distinguishable even for a bystander, making it ideal for bedrooms and kid rooms. The second level is a bit louder, but nothing close to annoying or intrusive. Personally, I had no problem having a good night’s sleep in both modes.

Water Absorbing Technology

DC12 belongs to the category of ‘refrigerant’ or ‘compressor’ dehumidifiers. Practically, that means that its interior has a specially designed compressor pump that cools the water condenser plates, thus filtering out or absorbing the water from the air – which can only be described as great!

On the other hand, this whole system adds considerable weight to the sturdy machine, making it moving around a job for the man in the house. The mounted base casters at least help things a bit.

Control Panel

Usually, lots of modes and features complicate things, but DC12’s handy control panel greatly simplifies mode and option selection. As you can see, four membrane buttons, tow at the base and two more at the top of the LCD screen is all you will ever need to navigate through the menu and pick your preferred settings, including

  • Humidity Controls, enabling you to set the percentage of relative humidity, tailor its operation to your needs and maintain its energy consumption to the lowest possible level. Its range is carefully set to protect you from energy devouring settings.
  • Timer controls, namely of 2 and 4 hours settings.
  • Fan Speed, with the options of ‘High’ and ‘Low’. Note that the first option should be reserved only for rather demanding circumstances, such as drying out your bathroom after a hot shower. The low-speed setting will do fine usual conditions.
  • Power Button
  • Filter Reset, which is for you to notify the machine’s software that the filter has been cleaned or changed.


  • Silent and powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple modes and functions
  • Compact, yet with a great capacity
  • A bit heavy

Our Opinion

EcoAir’s DC12 has the whole package to win your heart, and it not a mere coincidence that put it first in our list for the best dehumidifiers in the marker for 2020. Its weight is a small but easily forgettable drawback, especially after considering its excellent price, features, discreet function and sturdiness.


2. Inventor Care 12L Portable Dehumidifier with Silent mode

Inventor Care 12L Portable Dehumidifier with Silent mode

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Moving to our number 2 pick on our list, we have the Care 12L dehumidifier, which has gained its reputation not just for its excellent functionality, but also for its almost silent performance.

At a Glance

Item Weight11 Kg
Product Dimensions30.8 x 24.7 x 45.6 cm
Capacity12 litres
Power/ Wattage207 watts
With Auto Shutoff mode
Compressor dehumidifier with 12L/ day moisture removal
Modern Design
Low Energy consumption
Notable featuresSilent Mode

Auto Restart

24h Timer

Auto Defrost

Continuous Dehumidification & Continuous Drainage

Digital Control Panel with room and desired humidity indication

Desired humidity range from 35 – 85%

2L Water Tank with full water protection and water level indication opening

2-year warranty


Design & Features

Neatly designed and compact, this one will move easily wherever and whenever you want it with its sturdy little wheels. We pushed it around with its tank fully loaded on a thick carpet and still find it a piece of cake. Note that it masters a capacity of 12 litres, which is quite impressive for a dehumidifier of these dimensions.

Silent Mode

Silent mode does not lie too. We had no trouble sleeping with it by our bed all night long. Of course, operation in silent mode is not as mighty, but it met our expectations, ridding the moisture from the room without hassles and midnight wriggles.

Modes of Operation

Featuring an advanced ‘Continuous Dehumidification’ technology, the Care 12L dehumidifier expedites the whole dehumidifying process when conditions require it – for example after a nice hot hour-long bath, or when you have clothes drying out inside the house. It will eliminate moisture both fast and efficiently.

Overflow Protection & Continuous Drainage

The thing has a special overflow protection too: as soon as the water tank fills up, the dehumidifier automatically shuts down and illuminates the corresponding “Full” indication, thus letting you know you should empty the tank and averting leakage issues. Personally, I would prefer the system to notify me slightly before the tank is full, especially in cases when I need my dehumidifier to operate constantly. Still, the system works, and in most cases, you will probably remember to empty the tank way before getting notified, especially since it has this great easy-to-set 24-hour timer that allows you to set its starting and shutting off even when you are away from home or office.

Another great feature, which could actually make up for the above small con, is the ‘Continuous Drainage’ system, allowing you to stop worrying about emptying the water tank whatsoever. Just place the device’s tube at the back and fix it in the syphon.

Last, you have the Auto defrost feature, making maintenance a lot easier.


  • Compact
  • Economical yet efficient
  • Great load capacity
  • Could use some extra features, but you get reasonably enough at this price

Our Opinion

I think the best way to sum it up with this one is to call it an excellent ‘value-for-money’ dehumidifier. Compact, efficient and with a great tank capacity, it will get the job done without draining your budget.


3. Pro Breeze 500 ml Compact & Portable Mini Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze 500ml Compact and Portable Mini Air Dehumidifier

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Returning to a dehumidifier that is almost fully silent, the Pro Breeze 500 ml Compact & Portable Mini Dehumidifier can suck up to 250 ml/day and is ideal for really small spaces, including kitchens, bedrooms, caravans, offices, garages, bathrooms, and basements.

At a Glance

BrandPro Breeze 500 ml Mini Dehumidifier
Dimensions156 x 130 x 220 mm
Weight04 Kg/2.2 lbs
Water tank capacity500 ml
extraction250 ml
room size150 sq. Ft
Energy consumption0.023 kW-h
Working temp15 – 35°C
Noise level33dB
Power/Voltage23W, 100 – 240V, 50Hz/ 60Hz
Airflow Rate12 m2/h
Automatic shut-off when the tank is full
LED indicator when full
500 ml tank capacity to remove 250 ml of moisture/day
Ultra-quiet & energy efficient as it has no compressor
Covers up to 150 square feet



The Pro Breeze 500 ml mini dehumidifier is ideal for people living in small accommodations.  It is compact and can be stored easily, plus it is perfect for use in a small kitchen, bedroom or even in a garage or caravan.

This mini unit is low on volume and energy costs and does an excellent job of sucking moisture from the air.  It will lower humidity by 2-3%.

You will certainly notice the difference if you are living in a small space with fogged up windows or a musty smell.  The Pro Breeze will prevent mould and mildew.

It is easy to move around, and the noise volume is low because it employs thermo-electric cooling instead of a traditional compressor.

Design & Features

This unit is specially made for use in small areas up to 150 square feet. It extracts up to 250 ml of excess moisture per day.  If you use it in a larger space, it will not operate in the same way as a larger capacity dehumidifier would.

The Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier uses Peltier technology; this means it is extremely quiet.  Peltier dehumidifiers use thermo-electric cooling and not a compressor like the larger units.

The water tank contains 500 ml and is conveniently situated on the front of the unit.  It pulls out easily for emptying and slots back in again smoothly.

The LED indicator lights up when the water tank is full, and the unit has an automatic shut-off.


  • Operates quietly
  • Sucks up to 250 ml/day
  • 500 ml water tank capacity
  • Low energy consumption


  • Will only operate correctly under the right conditions, i.e. in a small space, which is what it was designed for

Our Opinion

If you require a dehumidifier for use in a small space such as a caravan, bathroom, garage or small bedroom, then this is a perfect choice.  The Pro Breeze Mini is low priced, quiet and does an excellent job of removing mould, mildew, moisture and humidity from the area.  It is inexpensive and energy efficient.


4. Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier

Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier

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Meaco 20L Low Energy is considered the Meaco’s top model for its domestic dehumidifiers, combining most of the innovative traits features in its sizeable home range, like the rotating louvre/ air deflector, with a rather appealing low energy system, running at 255W instead of the usual 355W.

Let us get a closer look.

At a Glance

Model20L LE
Weight6 Kg
Dimensions38.5 x 59.5 x 29 cm
Power / Wattage255 watts
Voltage240 volts
Energy Efficiency ClassA+ to C
Extremely energy efficient
Excellent in preventing condensation, mould, and damp concentration
Optional HEPA air filter


Design & Noise

Being truthful, Meaco never excelled in giving great looks to its dehumidifiers. Still, with this one, they seem to bring it home at last, probably because it features minimalism as its main design trait and its surprisingly elegant curvy shape.

Moving to the essence of things, the water collection tank is, is front-mounted – which is a first for Meaco –  making checking its content easier. The bucket itself has a handle on the top, a lid to avert any spillages and an opening on the front to facilitate water level checking.

The aptly named ‘easy glide’ castor wheels do keep their promise and remain elegantly hidden under the fringes of the casing. Its manoeuvrability is indeed good news, because the device is quite robust and heavy, especially when fully loaded. It would help if you did not take that as a drawback though. Most of its equally sized competitors are even heavier. Besides, it does belong to the largest class of home dehumidifiers in the market. If you do have to lift it, use the sturdy unfolding handle on the top.

Getting to the always crucial issue of noise, let us clear something up right from the start: so big and mighty dehumidifiers are seldom bought for their quietness. Still, Meaco has succeeded in making it one of the most discreet of its range, even at its maximum extraction rate. Most people would not even notice its operation when asleep.


Control Panel

Control panel is pretty simple to figure out even without the manual.

First, you have the fan speed selection button, allowing you to save on energy or expedite humidity extraction when needed.

The timer enables you to set in advance the moment the machine must shut down, even when you are away from home – when you have clothes to dry for instance. What is even better, is that instead of x-hour options, you can pick the preferred number of hours using the up-down buttons. You can also configure the humidity level you using the same keys, set in a 30 to 80% range.

Several modes, like the ‘laundry mode’ or the C[ontinuous] O[peration] are specially configured in advance to help you out. The child lock function will avert any danger of your toddler messing with your settings. You can also control louvre motion in 90° range, which is quite extensive in this line of products.

Where Meaco’s dehumidifiers stand out from its competitors is their way of preserving the desired humidity level: as soon as it is reached, instead of keeping their fans working, like most other dehumidifiers, they switch them off and check the humidity, again and again, every half an hour, switching them back on only if the humidity has risen again.

Last, there is the standard ‘Tank full’ light.

Operation & Efficiency

Meaco’s new dehumidifier flagship surely is as efficient operation-wise as elegant. That is probably its most winning point: getting the job done without keeping you awake at night while keeping the energy cost as low as possible. One could also expect a better air purification filtering after considering the lengths the manufactures has taken to improve this model – but, nothing is perfect!


  • Excellent performance
  • Elegant looks & clever design
  • Several modes with pre-set configurations
  • Low energy cost
  • A bit large & heavy (but reasonably so for its range of models)
  • it could use some extra air purification

Our Opinion

Without a doubt, the best dehumidifier Meaco ever made – till now that is. Sturdy, efficient, cost-effective and smart looking, it is certainly worth considering.


5. Delonghi DEM 10

De'Longhi DEM10 Dehumidifier

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Promising to extract 10 litres of water per day, Delonghi’s DEM 10 closes our current ‘best for 2020’ list. Sure, it is not a new model, not at all. It has actually been on the market for almost a decade but remains one of the most reliable dehumidifiers you can get on a budget.

Featuring a new humidistat and using ecological gas R134a to collects demineralised water, DEM 10 will cater to your humidity needs and help you with other house chores, like steam ironing. In our opinion, it is by far the best ‘budget’ dehumidifier in our list – and probably in the 2020 market.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

At a Glance

Model NumberDEM10
Item Weight10 Kg
Dimensions33 x 35 x 42 cm
Capacity2 litres
Power / Wattage190 watts
Voltage230 volts
Electronic anti-frost device for lower temperature use
Permanent drain facility (plumbing kit supplied)
Tank control system
Quiet Operation
Washable dust filter
Collects demineralised water (ideal for use in steam irons)
2-year warranty


Design & Noise

Compact and highly portable, the DEM 10 is promoted as ideal for relatively small spaces, such as rooms, houses, boats and caravans. Its built-in handle makes moving it around quite easy, and its transparent bucket allows checking in a blink of an eye without removing it. If you do have to pull it out, you will have to be careful, since there is no handle or lid.

Still, at such a price, you should expect a shortage of this sort of… luxuries. Another one, in fact, is the absence of castor wheels, which makes moving it around a bit trickier – especially after considering it weighs 10 kg. The good thing is you can buy them at additional expense, which is relatively insignificant. Still, we would love them being attached from the factory in the first place.

The plug is located on the shorter side, but don’t worry – an extension lead will sort out any problems with connectivity.

Moving to more positive characteristics. The Delonghi DEM10 dehumidifier is equipped with a reusable and washable plastic dust filter, as well as and a 2-litre tank with a continuous drainage system. As usual, the DEM10 shuts off automatically when the tank is full.

Noise, on the other hand, is discernable but in no way annoying, disturbing or sleep-depriving. Some may also find it hypnotising.


The covered top mounted control panel lacks a digital display on it but remains pretty simple and straightforward in its use. A rotary dial offers access to several modes of operation, including ‘Continuous’, ‘Laundry’ and ‘Turbo’, depending on your needs. Note that while it is possible to set your preferred humidity level through the rotary dial, the lack of a digital display means you cannot actually check precisely its percentage rate. Just bear in mind that turning the dial at a 12 o’clock position corresponds to a humidity level of around 60%.

Extraction Rate & Humidistat

When it comes to extraction rate, DEM10 won’t let you down. It can extract 10 litres per day; naturally. Local weather conditions can have a bearing on the extraction rate. True, it has just one fan speed, but it is more powerful than most of the silent modes of its competitors, and quieter than their power mode.

Now, the humidistat control, right on the top, enables you to set humidity at your preferred level while controlling energy consumption at the same time, since it will switch on the machine only when the moisture level gets above your setting. Hence, unless you set it to ‘Continuous’ mode, you can just leave it on and let it switch and off by itself, depending on your configuration.

Anti-Frost Setting

Another great feature is the electronic anti-frost setting, ideal for environments where temperatures drop rapidly.

DEM10 also has the well-known by now continuous drain system, with the probe, making it perfect for detached and isolated spaces, such as boats, caravans, garages and so forth. Just remember that the system relies on deal old gravity to work, so make sure the dehumidifier and hose are placed higher than the drain exit.

Produces Demineralised Water

Last but not least, the DEM10 is equipped with an ecological gas R134. It is a refrigerant gas helps the dehumidifier collect demineralised water, which you can then use for steam iron or glass cleaning in your car and avoid limescale from concentrating in various points in their circulation systems.


  • Reliable brand, excellent customer support and service
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Compact
  • With electronic anti-frost setting
  • It has no castor wheels!
  • No handle and lid on the water bucket


Our Opinion

Nice looking, compact and with all the absolutely necessary features to get the job done, the DEM 10 dehumidifier is just perfect for small apartments, boats, and other detached spaces that have an issue with air moisture. Is it indeed a small disappointment to have to buy the castor wheels, but the extra cost is really insignificant. It does have a single fan speed, but its extraction rate, for the spaces mentioned above, is excellent.

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