3 Best Dishwashers in The UK for 2020

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Bosch SMV50C10GB - fully integrated -12 places A+ dishwasher - dishwashers (fully integrated,...
2 Reviews
Bosch SMV50C10GB - fully integrated -12 places A+ dishwasher - dishwashers (fully integrated,...
  • Bosch SMV50C10GB. Body design: Fully integrated.
  • Height: 815 mm.
  • Control panel colour: Stainless steel.
  • White.
  • Control type: Buttons. Number of place settings: 12.

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Top 3 Best-Sellers right now

Bestseller No. 1
Bosch SMS24AW01G Serie 2 Freestanding Dishwasher, 12 place settings, 60cm wide, White
39 Reviews
Bosch SMS24AW01G Serie 2 Freestanding Dishwasher, 12 place settings, 60cm wide, White
  • 12 place setting dishwasher is a welcome helping hand in any kitchen
  • Eco Silence Drive Delivering an efficient cleaning performance by using the EcoSilence Drive for a powerful and quiet wash cycle
  • varioSpeed Clean your dishes in up to half the time without compromising on the results with the varioSpeed setting
  • Flexible loading Total flexibility with its varioBasket system allowing the top basket to be adjusted between 3 height positions and both top and bottom...
  • Quick Wash Handy 29 minutes quick wash – great if you’re in a hurry
SaleBestseller No. 2
Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets Lemon 65 Per Pack
10 Reviews
Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets Lemon 65 Per Pack
  • Fairy Platinum for the tough cleaning challenges 1st time
  • Fairy original all-in-one dishwasher tablets
  • Even cleans your greasy filter against limescale use machine cleaner
  • Built-in salt and rinse aid action also with glass and silver protection
  • Keeps your dishwasher smelling clean and fresh
Bestseller No. 3
Indesit DIF04B1 Fully Integrated Dishwasher A plus Energy Rating
65 Reviews
Indesit DIF04B1 Fully Integrated Dishwasher A plus Energy Rating
  • Width: 59.5 cm
  • Depth: 57 cm
  • Height = 82 cm (32 ")
  • Type: Fully integrated
  • Colour: White

1. BOSCH SMV50C10GB Dishwasher


Bosch SMV50C10GB
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The Bosch SMV50C10GB is a full-size integrated dishwasher and a great value-for-money option, especially for relatively small households. Featuring 12 place settings and holding up to approximately 120 items in all, it is a breeze to operate and delivers excellent results.

True, its technology may not be as advanced as some of the other dishwashers on the market at present, but it does a good job regardless, and combined with its low energy and water consumption, it is a scarcely a surprise that it found a place in our 3-best list.

At a Glance

Body DesignFully Integrated
Dimensions5 x 59.8 x 55 cm (height, width & depth)
Weight33 Kg
Main ColourWhite
Installation TypeBuilt-in
Energy efficiency class [Energy Rating]A+
Annual Energy Estimateof 290 kW
Efficiency (10 classes)A+
Maximum Noise Level48 dB
Drying classA
Control Panel ColourStainless Steel
Control TypeButtons
Number of Place Settings12
5 ProgramsIntensive 70oC
Normal 65 oC
Economy 50 oC
Quick wash 45 oC
Delay timer9 hours
Water consumption11.7L (3300L p/a)
Temperature70 oC
Outlet hose190cm
Electrical supply cord175cm
Other FeaturesCurved Spray Arms
Removable Cutlery Basket
Collapsible Supports
Ecosilence Drive
Stainless Steel/Polinox Interior
LED Salt /Rinse Aid Refill Indicator
Aquastop Leak Protection
Manufacturer WarrantyTwo years


Design & Build

Aside from the sleek finish, the design is pretty much what you would expect. The control panel is made from stainless steel with a Polinox interior.  There is a choice of colour – either black or white, both of which would make an attractive addition to any kitchen.

The interior of the machine has all the basic options that are normally offered such as folding racks at the bottom, a removable cutlery basket, and adjustable height, just like the top basket.  The controls are simple to use with the control panel located on the top edge of the door.  There are forward and backward buttons to cycle through the programs, as well as the VarioSpeed option,  discussed further below.

The maximum capacity held is for a 12-place setting – plenty of room for a smaller household.

curved spray arms, collapsible supports,

Washing Programs

Bosch SMV50C10GB comes with five washing programs, fully covering the needs of most households:

  • Intensive Wash: operating at 70oC, suitable for greasy plates or dishes covered in hard to remove baked-on
  • Normal Wash: operating at 65 oC, it is designed for items not overly soiled.  A full cycle takes 132 minutes.
  • Eco Wash: 50 oC is ideal in that it saves energy and still uses the same program as usual plus it also has a pre-rinse and a quick wash.  It is good for normal dishwashing with the advantage of saving the user money at the same time.
  • Quick Wash: it completes the cycle in just 29 minutes, providing plates are not too soiled at 45 o
  • Pre-Rinse: it rinses items before washing and by using VarioSpeed it rinses in half the time with optimum cleaning and drying.


There are a few other things that should be3 mentioned too.

AquaMix technology, for example, means that delicate items, such as glasses, will be treated gently and not suffer corrosion.  Besides, there is a 100% lifetime warranty for water damage, so that you can feel perfectly safe putting in the most fragile crystal glasses. On top of that, you get AquaStop leak protection and an EcoSilence drive.

Another cool addition is VarioSpeed technology, which is actually the only feature the user can control. It is designed to rinse each load in half the time and still produce gleaming results.

Active Water technology saves water consumption by collecting water from the pre-rinse cycle.  It then checks how dirty the water is and if clean enough will use the same water for the rest of the wash.

Another handy feature is the so-called AquaSensor, which employs beams of light to display how badly soiled items are and then adjusts the rinsing process to suit.

The Dosage Assist technology makes certain that your detergent is completely dissolved and evenly distributed, while InfoLight informs the progress of the cycle by projecting a light on the floor. The LED salt/rinse aid refill indicator is very helpful too.

On the downside, we wouldn’t expect a half-load feature at this price, but still, it is a great feature that we miss in this model. A timer would make things even easier too.

  • Easy, efficient operation
  • Very quiet
  • 5 Washing programs
  • Lifetime protection against water damage
  • 2-Year Guarantee
  • No half-load features
  • No countdown timer

Our Opinion

The Bosch Series 4 SMV50C10GB full-size integrated dishwasher is not exactly state-of-the-art but will do the job efficiently and very quietly, fitting comfortably into any kitchen. Well-made and robust, like all Bosch products, it will meet your needs without fail and prove it is worth every penny. We highly recommend this dishwasher.

2. Indesit DFG26B1S Dishwasher


Indesit DFG26B1S
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The Indesit MyTime DFG26B1S is a full-size economical dishwasher which doesn’t include elaborate LED panels and programs but instead concentrates on getting the basics correct which is the most important factor.

This dishwasher is eco-friendly and its capacity is for 13 place setting suitable for a medium-sized household.  It is quiet and easy to operate and its performance is truly excellent.

At a Glance

Body DesignFully Integrated
Dimensions5 x 59.8 x 55 cm (height, width & depth)
Main ColourSilver
Installation TypeFreestanding
Energy efficiency class [Energy Rating]A+
Annual Energy Estimateof 296 kW
Efficiency (10 classes)A+
Drying classA
Maximum noise level49dB*
Number of Place Settings13
6 ProgramsDaily 50
Half load permanent
Intensive 65°
Water Consumption12L
Delay Timer9 hours
Other FeaturesDigital Countdown Indicator
Adjustable Upper Basket
Presence of Cutlery Basket
Cutlery Basket
Salt Light Indicator
Rinse Aid Light Indicator
Manufacturer Warranty10 Years


 Design & Build

When it comes to its exterior, the Indesit MyTime DFG26B1S is a very basically designed machine, with a silver exterior and stainless steel on the interior.  The drop-down door opens by simply pulling the handle.

The user can’t go wrong with this dishwasher as it only has one central knob to select one of the six programs and these are all shown in large symbols, together with text. There are obviously on/off buttons, a delay-start and the mysteriously labelled ‘MyTime feature’ which actually just shortens the duration of the wash.

The stainless steel interior is just as basic, the detergent container on the inside of the door can be used with either powder or tablets.  The rinse aid pops open easily and is also located on the inside of the door.

At the bottom, on the left-hand side is the salt container which is ok if you are right-handed but for left-handed users, it is tricky to fill. The food filter is just a plastic container that pulls out for cleaning.  Nothing could be simpler or easier to operate.

There are two rolling baskets which pull out satisfactorily but don’t glide out as with a classier dishwasher, however, you get what you pay for.  The top basket is height adjustable on either side and there is plenty of room in it when set at the lower position.  You can even set one side higher than the other for hard to place items.

It should be noted here that the long, middle row of plate racks are a bit tricky if you have bowls and pans to wash as the tines of the racks get in the way not being flexible as on a more expensive machine.  The same can be said of the lower basket as well, ideal for lots of dishes but awkward for other items to fit in.

Bear also in mind, that actual noise level is shown to be approximately 53dB at some points during the washing cycle.

Washing Programs

There are six washing programs which include:

  • ECO wash which runs for 2 hours and 20 minutes is the low energy wash upon which the A+ energy rating is based.
  • Normal wash runs at 55oC and uses a bit more water and electricity than the ECO but takes only 2 hours.
  • Intensive wash at 65 oC is for really dirty pans and plates which are greasy or have dried food still on them.
  • Half load wash runs for only an hour but uses slightly more water and electricity than the full ECO wash.
  • Daily wash runs at 50 oC and only takes an hour.
  • Express wash at 40 oC only takes 40 minutes.

It should be noted that the last two fast washes have a drawback in that they have no drying cycle, which means you will have to resort to a tea towel before putting the dishes away. The other washes dry well though without the aid of a tea towel!


A few more features deserve some emphasis. The ‘MyTime’ option, for example, will save some time by shortening the wash, while DelayStart allows the user to delay the start of the wash to either 3, 6 or 9 hours.  This can save money as the dishwasher can be programmed to operate at a time when there is a cheaper electricity rate, for example overnight.

LED indicators show where the wash is in the program, i.e. wash, dry or end-stage. There are also low salt and rinse aid warning lights on the panel.

Last but in no way least, the Indesit MyTime DFG26B1S comes with an unparalleled ten-year warranty, reassuring you that you are covered no matter what and giving also a hint of the confidence of the manufacturer for this particular model.

  • Very simple to use
  • Good stain removal
  • Low energy & water consumption
  • 6 Programs
  • Economical price
  • 10-Year Guarantee
  • No displayed timer
  • Average drying results (especially for glasses)

Our Opinion

If you are looking for a basic and simple to operate the dishwasher, the Indesit DFG26B1S is simply ideal. It is reasonably priced and excels at washing – despite the fact that drying on fast cycles could be a bit better. Economical to use, robust, and with an unrivalled 10-year warranty, it is certainly worth your consideration.

3. Klarstein Amazonia 6 [DSM-90500] Dishwasher


Klarstein Amazonia 6
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We close our list with the Klarstein Amazonia 6 Dishwasher, one of the most popular dishwashers in today’s market – and for good reason too. Designed for singles or couples, this energy-efficient appliance boasts excellent performance, takes minimum space at your counter and adds to the overall looks of your kitchen – coupled with a surprisingly low price tag, it is indeed a combination that is hard to beat.

At a Glance

Dimensions52 x 55 x 45 cm
Main ColourWhite Secret
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Energy efficiency class [Energy Rating]A+
Annual Energy Estimate174 kW
Drying classA
Maximum noise level49 dB
Number of Place Settings6
6 ProgramsIntensive
90 Min
Annual Water Consumption1820 litres
Other FeaturesCutlery Basket

Design & Build

Designed to be used both as a built-in dishwasher (into cabinets or kitchen units) and freestanding on countertops, Klarstein’s Amazonia 6 is jest perfect for really small kitchens, as well as coffee kitchens that need to clean loads of cups and glasses every day. Equipped with a cutlery basket and a funnel for filling salt, it is easy to install, with a pre-assembled inlet and outlet hose.

The supply hose features an Aquastop mechanism, that prevents flooding and accidental water leakage during operation, which is great, especially if you plan to leave it operating while you are absent. What Aquastop does is to monitor the flow of water into the dishwasher and automatically stop it in case of a leak, thus averting the risk of flooding and accidental damage to both the appliance and its surroundings.

Washing Programs

Klarstein Amazonia 6 Dishwasher comes with six different programs, each configured for different degrees of soiling and types of dishes (glasses, plates, cups, and cookware).

  • Eco-program is designed to consume the least possible energy, washing the dishes at a really low temperature. A built-in bracket makes cleaning of wine and champagne glasses even easier.
  • The Fast Mode is ideal if you wish to clean lightly soiled dishes and cookware.
  • The Intensive mode, on the other hand, is perfect for heavily soiled crockery and cutlery, removing any stubborn dirt.

Each program can be easily adjusted with Klarstein’s handy operating section; its symbols and highly responsive buttons are simple to handle and operate. Besides, lights indicate the selected program, self-explanatory icons communicate all the necessary information, and an LED display informs you about the remaining time of the washing cycle. A pair of other indicators let you know whether a cleaning salt or rinse aid refill is needed.


One of the strongest advantages of the Klarstein Amazonia 6 is its excellent performance, even in the fast mode. Reliable and economical – with an annual energy estimate of just 174 kW, it will operate silently throughout night and day, without disturbing your sleep, rest or study.

  • Excellent results
  • Ideal for small kitchens and households
  • Highly adjustable and easy to operate
  • Economical and silent
  • Value for money
  • Not suitable for big households

Our Opinion

There are several reasons Klarstein Amazonia 6 Dishwasher has been so popular for the last couple of years. Reliable, powerful, energy-efficient and ideal for small countertops, it will surely cater to your needs, provided you live alone or with your soulmate.

Dishwasher Buying Guide

Not too many years ago people thought of a dishwasher as a luxury item but with the busy lives that many lead today, the luxury has become a household time-saving convenience that families cannot do without.

Before you rush out and buy a dishwasher there are a few things to be considered.  Besides, you should choose a model to suit your particular needs, and the best way to do that is to consider your circumstances, such as the size of your family, which will allow you to pick the dishwasher with the right capacity for your household.

It goes without saying that you should choose a machine to suit your pocket and it is interesting to note that prices are subject to various things, such as capacity, special functions and energy-saving options. So the user should be prepared to take all this into consideration as the price doesn’t necessarily reflect the performance.

Other factors are the racks and what they will hold, how easy it is to stack and load the machine.  Some racks have fold-down spikes to fit in larger items, other models do not. Cutlery trays are either located on the bottom rack or sometimes on the inside of the door but neither affects washing performance.  These are just personal preferences.

Other than price, here are the biggest factors to consider to help you narrow down your choices.

Cleaning power

One thing is certain: you need to be sure that your dishwasher will indeed do the job. It would be really disappointing if you had to redo the dishes, after spending so much money for a dishwasher or being forced to clean or scrub them a bit before putting them inside the dishwasher.

But don’t all dishwashers perform the same? Actually, no. If you often have really soiled dishes, with a lot of greases or something similar, you should make sure that the dishwasher you plan to buy has one or more programs specially configured for such soiling. In addition, if you have glassware that is really sensitive, check out for specialised program too.

Most dishwashers have some version of the following programs and cycle:

  • Normal: a full load of dishes with the usual amount of food dirt. This cycle is used for energy and sound ratings.
  • Express: designed to wash faster lightly soiled dishes, or even a smaller load.
  • Auto: using a set of sensors, it adjusts the cycle time based on the load and the amount of dirt.
  • Heavy: it is designed for big cookware or dishes with persistent dirt.
  • China: it uses a lower water pressure to make sure it doesn’t cause any damage to the surface of fragile dishes, china, or delicate glasses.

Naturally, each brand may use different nomenclature for each of these cycles and programs. If you are not sure about the meaning, check the manual to make sure that your dishwasher is capable of.

Drying is of equal importance too, especially if you have a busy schedule and you don’t want to devote time in whipping the dishes.

Please bear in mind that cleaning power is not always correlated with the price. You can find economic dishwashers that do a great job, and expensive ones that fail your expectations. True, most manufacturers will claim that both cleaning and drying are great in their machine, so the best way to ascertain the truth is through reviews and customer feedback.

Energy Consumption

Dishwashers bear an energy efficiency rating and mention in their specs their estimated annual energy consumption.

Avoid anything that is below A+. Dishwashers with a delay start feature also save energy, allowing the user to run the dishwasher at a time of the day when electricity is cheaper – after midnight for example.

Noise level

The dishwasher’s noise level is a very important factor, especially if you plan to use your dishwasher during the night or work many hours at home.

Now, this is a feature that is usually directly connected with the price. Silent operation does come at a premium. Still, nowadays, even relatively cheap models are significantly quieter than older ones.

Noise level ratings stated on the package by the manufacturer are, more or less, reliable. Anything below 55 is pretty acceptable, but do note that if you are in the same room while they operate, you will have to raise your voice a bit. A noise level below 50 is barely noticeable in an adjacent room, and will surely not wake up a child or disturb you during your work.

Type of Dishwasher

You got two options here, the built-in dishwasher or the free-standing. This obviously depends on your kitchen characteristics. Just make sure to check the dimensions before making the purchase.


What does capacity mean? Well, a 6-8 standard place setting dishwasher is suitable for 2-3 people.  Whereas a 12-place setting is for a smaller household and a 13 place for a medium household and so on.

In spite of the fact that most dishwashers are 24 inches wide, their capacity varies, so check the capacity, not just the dimensions.


We hope this article will help you choose the dishwasher that is right for your household.

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