About Us

HomewareInsider is a review website designed to help people make informed homeware purchases, reviewing any type of products related to your daily life and house, including furniture, utensils, appliances and decorative objects.

Our reviews will help you limit down your options based on each object’s pros and cons, as well as your personal preferences and needs. Using simple language and keeping each review concise and well-structured, it will soon become your best advisor for your homeware shopping – from dishwashers to ovens, from hoovers to office chairs and kitchen tables.

As you’ve probably noticed, there are several similar sites on the internet, but few are actually focused on homeware and domestic equipment. This means that the reviewers often lack the insight and experience required to provide accurate information about a product and accurately evaluate its pros and cons.

This reason was actually what inspired us to create HomewareInsider. Firmly believing that the reviewer should always think first as a consumer and then as a writer, we strive to present reviews providing all the necessary information in simple terms and a clear-cut layout, that will help the reader evaluate his or her option and make the best possible pick.

Our Mission

HomewareInsider’s sole ambition is to make your online purchases easier and more informed. We firmly believe that, eventually, our work will urge manufacturers and retailers to constantly improve their services, designs and products, and thus contribute in creating a more reliable, value-for-money homeware market, which will allow even the most inexperienced buyer to make the most of his/ her money and purchases.

The Way We Work  

Needless to say, each article requires much more than simply writing a few things about a bunch of products.

Each of our articles focuses on a certain piece of homeware that appears a lot in search engine queries. After carefully checking out some of the best-selling products of each category, we come up with 10 or 12 of them that we consider the best available for the current year.

Next, we find information about each product, from various sources, including the manufacturer, dis-interested parties, as well as buyers that have already used it for a considerable amount of time – all that before actually testing and using the product ourselves. This process raises red flags and also helps us keep an eye out for important features and characteristics.

Still, this is just the groundwork for our personal experience. Naturally, we cannot afford to buy each and every product, but we have found ways to test them ourselves – in most cases borrowed from the manufacturers, who are glad to get objective feedback from unbiased and experienced users.

Most of this work is done by the creator and main manager of the site, Iris Carson, who indeed boasts a wide experience in homeware and has written hundreds of reviews on domestic equipment, furniture and home appliances. Obviously, Iris gets a lot of help from friends and co-workers, who help her gather information and write the articles – but everything posted on our website is checked and double-checked by her.

Let us Be Honest…

We wouldn’t want to give the impression that we gain nothing from all this work; if that were true, with all the time, effort and expenses required for posting these articles and reviews and make the whole research, the site would soon be forced either to shut down or to greatly reduce its content quality to survive.

Instead, we make some profit from all this work through Amazon’s Affiliate program. We, on our part, provide readers with useful information and they, in return (if they wish to of course), can click on the affiliate links and make their purchase through our website, earning us a small commission.

Does that mean that there lurks somewhere a hidden extra charge for your purchase? Not at all! The cost remains the same either you make the purchase from our website or directly from Amazon. On the other hand, by using our affiliate links you allow us to continue to provide you with helpful reviews and reliable information.

Our Values

What we value most in our small website is clarity. We want our readers to be able to understand our reviews, regardless of their prior experience or knowledge, and that is why we tend to keep our language as simple and plain as possible, always using the same layout, plenty of bullets, clear-cut pros and cons lists and concise introductions and conclusions for each of our products.

Of course, we also value accuracy, reliability and first-hand knowledge. We always wear our buyer’s hat first, trying to figure out which information will indeed prove most useful to you during your online research.

Why Us? 

Iris and the rest of the team devote several hours researching, gathering information, contacting manufacturers, tracking down products, unearthing complaints or praises and, finally, writing each and every one of our reviews. We firmly believe that you, our readers, are the best advertisement for our services, and we are determined to provide the best possible information, keeping you happy and our website at the top of its game.

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